Crime & Punishment

Crime & Punishment


Crime & Punishment | By Fyodor Dostoevsky

As War is to Peace, so Crime is to Punishment. Or so learns Rodion Raskolnikov, the impoverished student of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s great existential thriller.

After bludgeoning to death the elderly neighbourhood money-lender and her half-sister with an axe and fleeing the scene of the botched crime undetected, salvation offers itself in an encounter with the prostitute Sonya - but not soon enough, as the detective Porfiry arrives on the scene, intent on pinning the grizzly murders on Raskolnikov.

The novel was written after Dostoevsky’s own ten-year exile in Siberia, and the isolation of that period certainly shines through in his writing. Violent, trembling and claustrophobic, Crime and Punishment is suffused with the sense of how it feels to live in the shadows of morality, all the while holding on to an enduring belief in humanity.

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