Dalston in the 80s

Dalston in the 80s


From Hoxton Mini Press | Photographs by Andrew Holligan

For photographer Andrew Holligan, Dalston in the 80s was a world apart from the New York fashion scene, which until 1984, was where he worked. But when he made the unexpected move there, he found a humanity on the streets of East London that changed him and his art forever.

Shot with a 1950s Rolleiflex, the black and white images accompanied by hand-written notes tell Holligan’s personal story, and also give a glimpse into the lives of numerous other characters he happened to meet during his 2 years spent living in Dalston.

Hoxton Mini Press are an independent publisher from East London making collectible and affordable photography books with the aim to bring them to a wider audience. Hoxton Mini Press photography series focus around East London's evolving identity. 

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