The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood


A Love Letter to the Women Who Have Shaped Me | By Daisy Buchanan

“My sisters are the only women I would kill for. And the only women I have ever wanted to kill.”

Daisy Buchanan’s tender, feisty memoir is an exploration of family relationships, female friendship and the intimacy and clashes that occur between women, viewed through the lens of her own relationship with her five younger sisters, as they move from girlhood to adulthood. You’ll meet Beth, the rebel contrarian, Grace, the overachiever with a dark sense of humour; Livvy, the tough girl who secretly cries during adverts; Maddy, essentially Descartes with a beehive; and Dotty, the joker obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race and bears.

Daisy fearlessly examines the tensions that exist between her and her sisters, writing about a love that’s as complicated as it is joyous. The Sisterhood is about spiritual and biological sisterhood, and the magic that occurs when women come together to bond over their similarities and celebrate their differences. It’s a book about connection, love and the aspects of womanhood that make us all sisters under the skin. This result is “if the Mitfords met Fleabag…the book Nancy Mitford would write in modern times if she were middle class – and foul mouthed!”.

PRE ORDER: The Sisterhood is currently available to pre-order from The Margate Bookshop. Books will be posted out closer to the publication date on March 7th 2019.

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