The Margate Bookshop was launched August 2017 in collaboration with the Margate Bookie literature festival, introducing a pop-up bookshop within the Turner Contemporary art gallery. The impressive amount of positive feedback received during the four days of the event reinforced the conviction that indeed there is a strong desire for a space offering a wide range of books, encompassing everything from hand-picked editions by independent publishers to affordable children's literature. It’s hard to deny that people still have an inherent desire for physical books.

At The Margate Bookshop we believe that a book has an underlying significance both on an intimate level - for an individual's personal growth, and on a macrocosmic level - for its ability to bridge gaps and contribute to the richness of the human experience. At a time in which the amplitude of the online world can seem intimidating, we feel it's important that classics be ever-present, children's books be affordable, small publications be easier to stumble upon and personal recommendations should be close-at-hand and always come with a smile.